1. 2015 Readers Choice Awards

  2. 2016 Readers Choice Awards

  3. 2019 Berks County Thanksgiving meal

  4. Berks hunting trophy room

  5. Berks Pets gallery

  6. Can you pass a basic cooking test?

    Can you pass a basic cooking test?

  7. Changing Trick-or-Treat Times

  8. Cheesesteaks in Berks

  9. College Hoops Fan

    College Hoops Fan

  10. Daylight saving time

  11. Easter Trivia

    Easter Trivia

  12. Fasnachts 2019

  13. Favorite doughnut flavors and places

  14. Financial literacy

  15. License Plate Cameras poll

  16. Marijuana poll

  17. Marketing trails in Berks County

  18. Minimum wage 2019 $15

  19. Mother's Day Quiz

    Mother's Day Quiz

  20. PA Turnpike goes cashless

  21. Parents and Halloween candy

  22. President Quiz

    President Quiz

  23. President Trivia

    President Trivia

  24. Reader Pennsylvania bat questions

  25. Reader survey on best hot dogs

  26. Readers' best sushi places in Berks

  27. Readers' pie recipes

    Readers' pie recipes

    Submit your pie recipes.

  28. Recess poll

  29. Restaurant gross-out: What is the worst?

    Restaurant gross-out: What is the worst?

    Weigh in by selecting what grosses you out the most. The results will be posted with next Friday's Berks food safety inspection reports.

  30. Roundabout

  31. School start time poll

    School start time poll

    Should schools in Berks move to later start times?

  32. Smoking age

  33. St Patrick's Day Knowledge

    St Patrick's Day Knowledge

  34. Sunday Comics Survey 9-2019

    Sunday Comics Survey 9-2019

    Take the Reading Eagle Comics Survey!

    The survey closes Thursday, Sept. 5

  35. The Reading Eagle's Promotion 2

  36. The Reading Eagle's Promotion 3

  37. The Reading Eagle's Promotion 4

  38. The Reading Eagle's Promotion 5

  39. The Reading Eagle's Promotion 6

  40. Transportation Survey

  41. Transportation Survey

    Transportation Survey

  42. US Citizenship Test

  43. Where is the best place to eat breakfast in the Berks region?

  44. Winter Safety

    Winter Safety

  45. World Affairs Quiz

  46. Worst Halloween Candy

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